To Foreign Vacationers Visiting Okinawa

This will explain rules and manners specific to Japan for vacationers planning to visit Okinawa. Please pay attention as there are points that vary from the region you live in. Please understand Okinawa and Japan’s rules and manners and have fun on your trip!

How to Use the Toilet

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Explanation of Braille Blocks

  • In Okinawa and Japan, braille blocks have been constructed on streets and in buildings to aid the movement of the visually impaired.
  • Braille blocks play an extremely important role in the visually impaired getting around, so you must not block or place objects on top of them.
  • Please glance at the braille block explanation and points of caution and when you come to Okinawa or Japan, we by all means request your cooperation.

Naha Airport Restroom for Service Dogs

  • Restrooms specifically for service dogs, which support the daily lives of the visually impaired, are installed in both the domestic and international terminals at Naha Airport.
  • Recently, there has been an increase in garbage being left in the Restroom for Service Dogs.
    • *This is not a garbage bin. Do not throw your trash here.
  • Thank you for learning about the Restroom for Service Dogs and for cooperating so they can use the restroom at ease.

Restroom for Service Dogs Locations

■ Domestic Terminal 1st Floor Arrivals

Source: Naha Airport Domestic Terminal Homepage

■ International Terminal 1st Floor Arrivals

Source: Naha Airport International Terminal Homepage