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  • OKINAWA Wheelchair Marathon
  • Diving
バリアフリーOKINAWA 沖縄は、観光バリアフリー。誰にでもやさしい観光地を目指しています。 バリアフリーOKINAWA 沖縄は、観光バリアフリー。誰にでもやさしい観光地を目指しています。

As Okinawa strives to be the world standard for resorts, we also aim for Okinawa to become a tourist destination unparalleled in its friendliness to everyone.

Starting with the "Okinawa Barrier-Free Tourism Declaration" in 2007, we have been creating an environment that allows anyone to travel easily and pleasurably and establishing facilities such as the Tourist Information Center for People with Disabilities and Seniors at Naha Airport.