Recommended travel plans


Day 1
Naha Airport

Naha Airport, the gateway to Okinawa, has a Travel Support Desk, “Tourist Information Center for People with Disabilities and Seniors (Okinawa Barrier-Free Tour Center)” which provides advice about planning your travel and support during your journey. The center not only provides advice you need prior to your travel and while on a journey, but also offers rental wheelchairs, baby buggies, chair-boats, nursing-care equipment, etc.

Furthermore, there is a “dedicated boarding and alighting stop for visitors with disabilities” at the airport which ensures the safety while getting on and off a car.

As a means of transportation, we recommend a self-propelled rental car with a lift or an accessible taxi accompanied by a driver to your travel. If you are travelling in a big group or a training camp, “Sora-port” bus or a large-sized bus with a lift are recommended.

Day 1
Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach

Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach is an artificial beach which is 700m long and situates 15 minutes drive from the airport.

The beach offers rental chair-boats that enable wheelchair users including seniors and people with disabilities to get in the water.

Wheelchair users can go to the beach by a ramp from the parking lot. Wheelchair-accessible restrooms and showers are also equipped.

Buggies are also useful for walking on the beach.

Day 1
Okinawa World

The powerful and exciting Super Eisa Show is held every day.
In the Traditional Crafts Village, old-time Okinawa has been recreated with old houses registered as National Tangible Cultural Assets.
There are many other facilities where you can experience Okinawa’s culture and nature, such as “Ryukyu Glass Studio”, “Habu Museum Park” and “Tropical Orchard”.

The inside of Okinawa World is wheelchair-accessible except for Gyokusendo Cave (limestone-cave).

Day 1
Izakaya (Japanese-style pub) in Naha City

The number of accessible restaurants is increasing in Okinawa, and that makes it easy for anyone to enjoy Okinawa cuisine casually.

Enjoy various types of cuisine that you can eat only in Okinawa, such as Okinawa soba, Chanpuru and Awamori.

Day 1
Stay at a budget hotel

There are a growing number of budget hotels that have accessible rooms and rental service of equipment that you need during your stay such as shower carries.

You can choose most suitable accommodation according to the length, purpose or budget of your stay.

Day 2
Shurijo Castle Park

There are lifts, ramps and restrooms for wheelchair users in Shurijo Castle Park. Wheelchair rental service is free of charge.

Staff at the reception can communicate by writing, and a braille guide book providing information of the park facilities is also available.

Day 2
Tomari Iyumachi (seafood market)

In Tomari Iyumachi, 23 seafood shops including shops specializing in tuna or Mozuku seaweed sell fresh seafood.

After shopping with your guide dog on the accessible passage with few obstacles, enjoy your lunch in the eating area.

Day 2
Motor Paraglider Sightseeing Flights.

Anyone including wheelchair users can experience paragliding at Blue sky in Nakagami-gun, Nakagusuku Village.

You will fly with an experienced pilot by a paraglider for two persons, so please enjoy the flight without worries.

Day 2
AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom

This is the biggest shopping mall in Okinawa. They have plenty of souvenirs from Okinawa.

In the huge aquarium on the 1st floor which reproduces Okinawa’s beautiful sea, you can see tropical fishes and various creatures living in the costal sea swimming around.

Of course, we welcome guide dogs!
Wheelchairs are available at the entrance for rent for free.

Day 2 18:30Naha Airport

Recommended mode of transportation

Self-propelled rental car